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AGBU-AYA Pasadena Scouts

Crafting Lifetimes of Adventure and Values

Scouting is Back!

AGBU Pasadena Scouts starts a new year of adventure! Join us this Saturday 9/30, 1PM at the AGBU Center. Build skills & friendships through cultural scouting activities. New members invited! Register now to avoid late fees. We can't wait to kickoff this year's fun!

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AGBU-AYA Scouts Pasadena-Glendale Chapter

Our mission is to prepare Armenian youth to engage in leadership, community service, and to always be respectful global citizens.


Leadership is a vital part of the Scouting program. Scouts take care of the many tasks necessary for the troop and patrol meetings and activities to run smoothly. By accepting the responsibilities of troop leadership, Scouts are preparing themselves to be leaders throughout their lives.

Outdoor Program

In the outdoors, Scouts have opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self-reliant. They can explore, canoe, hike trails and complete challenges they first thought were beyond their ability. Teamwork becomes part of each Scout as they learn to cooperate to meet outdoor challenges.


Doing service projects together is one way that Scouts keep their promise “to help other people.” While Scouts are giving service, they're learning to work together with others to do something that’s good for their community.

Armenian Culture & History

Our scouts learn how to connect with their homeland in a meaningful and lasting way, by learning about Armenian history and culture, while having the opportunity to build lifelong Memories with our summer camp Jamboree's in Armenia.

AGBU-AYA SCOUTS Pasadena-Glendale Chapter

The mission of the AGBU Pasadena-Glendale Scouts is to prepare Armenian youth to engage in leadership and community service.

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