About us.

AGBU Scouting places a strong emphasis on leadership, community service, and respect for others. Those are the binding principles that inspired our Troop's founding in 1991. 

In the years that have followed, we've had over a thousand young Armenians,  learn outdoor skills, engage in educational talks, and strengthen their community in solidarity with their peers.

Throughout the year, AGBU scouts look forward to earning awards, learning new skills, engaging in community service, camping locally, and in Armenia- at the AGBU Antranik Scout Camp.


Senior Leadership

Meet our brilliant and passionate Scouting Leadership Team.

K. Karine Yeterian
Local Commissioner

K. Talia Guiragossian
Assistant Local Commissioner

Y. Garen Kejejian
Senior Troop Leader

K. Meghri Markarian
Head of Girl Scouting

K. Lorie Seuylemezian
Scouting Advisor

Y. Armand Yerjanian
Scouting Advisor

K. Katherine Tabakian
Scouting Advisor

Cub Scouting

Y. Alec Gumushian

K. Nanor Kejejian
Cub Scout Leader

Y. Alex Marashlian
Cub Scout Leader in Training

Y. Julien Shahoian
Cub Scout Leader in Training

Brownie Girl Scouts

K. Marilyn Bedoyan
Brownie Girl Scout Leader

K. Serlee Boynerian
Brownie Girl Scout Leader

Webelos Scouts

Y. Garo Gumushian
Webelo Leader

Y. Serop Marashlian
Webelo Leader in Training

Y. Joe Kebbeh
Webelos Leader

Y. Peter DerBedrossian
Webelos Leader

Y. Maurice Jabourian
Webelos Leader In Training

Junior Girl Scouts

K. Anita Bilanjian
Junior Girl Scouts Leader

Vanya Arakelian
Junior Girl Scout Leader in Training

Boy Scouts

Y. Daron Dersahakian
Boy Scout Leader

Y. Hagop Jabourian
Boy Scout Leader in Training

Y. Hovan Boyajian
Boy Scout Leader in Training

Cadette Girl Scouts

K. Loreni Yeterian
Girl Scout Advisor

K. Rachel Bedoyan
Girl Scout Leader

K. Carni Boynerian
Cadette Leader in Training

Senior Girl Scouts

K. Rachel Bedoyan
Local Head of Senior Girl Scouting:

Lulu Ekizian
Girl Scout Leader

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